Grupo de Ofertas is a Digital Commerce company specializing in approaching the target audience for your brand.

Bringing technology, innovation and information, Grupo de Ofertas understand your audience and offers the best consumer experience.

We bring customized solutions to partners for a better serve their demands and expectations.

We combine a passion for technology with innovative solutions for business

The main objective of Grupo de Ofertas is always to offer the best experience in Digital Commerce


What do we want? Search for innovative and creative way the best solution is for our target audience or to our partners. Always add quality, value, speed and efficiency to everything we do, and personalized way to the real needs of our customers and partners.


As we don't impose limits to our work, we don't limit his results. Simply seeking to grow more and more to provide the best service with quality products at the lowest prices, and the best opportunities for our partners.


For us, the limits of the human mind are imposed by man himself. We create solutions and the impossible is not in our vocabulary. We like to overcome challenges, combining innovation, knowledge and experience, without ever neglecting the quality of our services.

Numbers that make the difference, at all stages of consumption

Technology, Innovation and Market Experience are the pillars on which Grupo de Ofertas is based on


In Monthly Audience


Followers on Social Networks


Satisfaction in Consumption


Grupo de Ofertas pursuit the best solution in digital commerce for consumers so that they have a great experience of consumption, finding quality products at the lowest prices in the shortest time possible without needing to leave home

For retailers, Grupo de Ofertas offers the opportunity to promote their products, their offerings and their brands to a large audience that couldn't be achieved in a conventional manner. The company always seeks the best possible results of innovative and effective ways.

Partners that are part of Group

Monitoring, Clarity, Commitment, Results and Satisfaction are the principles of our partnerships.

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